On Camera

On Camera work and hosting is something that I thoroughly enjoy and that has come natural to me over the years.  I first began hosting as I was offered to host my own show with a St. Louis based internet TV station.  From there, I came up with the show name 'Lesley On The Town'--the concept being to showcase my social activities (those who konw me know i'm quite the social butterfly to say the least!) around town from trying out different restaurants, to attending a theatre performance, rap or electronic music show, fundraiser, etc. and more importantly to showcase the talent and individuals associated with these events. I hosted 'Lesley On The Town' for two years, was blessed to meet and interview some extremely talented individuals and some well-known talent, and to maintain a significant viewer following. 

One of my main motivations in hosting the show other than entertaining viewers and showcasing talent, was to use the exposure to support and raise money for good causes, such as the show's success in putting on a fundraiser and raising money for 'Save The Boobies'--a non-profit organization working to raise money for research towards and the fight against Breast Cancer.  Supporting these causes and others are extremely important to me.

Hosting Lesley On The Town has lead to more hosting opportunities along the way, including guest hosting the Chicago-based CAN TV station show 'Everyone Has a Story,' as well as hosting a web series of talent instructional videos for CastingHub.

I am open to hosting opportunities in the future. Please contact me if you have an idea or project that you would like to work with me on!  In the meantime, click here to view some of my hosting promo/content videos as well as pictures of some of the talent I've met from hosting the show. 

~Lesley Yvonne