Wolf & The DreamKiller

Last weekend, I ventured off to Sunny LA to shoot a scene in the movie Wolf & The Dreamkiller, a production written and produced by Stephen Salter and directed by Stephen Ilous.  The production centers on an investigation of a Hollywood, California serial killer, ‘The Dream Killer,’ and a canine who—striking a loving relationship with the head detective on this case--is the only witness-source who can possibly reveal the identity of the killer.

I play the role of Lesley Hendricks, a KCAN California News reporter in Hollywood California who makes the first announcement that the Dream Killer is on the loose.

For my scene, shot last weekend, we sauntered on down to Hollywood Boulevard--where the characters are plentiful (to say the least)--and set up shop just in front of the Chinese Theatre.

After a few takes, we got the footage we needed and the director and producer put together this suspenseful scene.  Dun dun dunnnnn (*thriller movie music*).

This clip will be one of several enticing scenes in this sure-to-keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat film.

Check out some other footage from Wolf & The Dreamkiller.

Wolf and the Dreamkiller - Test Footage 01 - August 2014 from Stephen Salter on Vimeo.

The star of the film is none other than Kyro, a beautiful husky wolf hybrid who is already climbing the stairway to stardom as he has been in several spreads and productions already, including being featured in the Chris Brown feat Tyga music video 'For the Road,' and Linkin Park’s 'Final Masquerade' music video.  Check them out below.

Can we say Stud??

Watch out b*tches (female dogs, that is), this sexy man beast is coming to a theatre near you.


~Lesley Yvonne~