A Story of Love, Dance & Love of Dance

Rian Dugar had been dancing for nearly 5 years when he met Tabethia Jones in 2011 and together they created Team 2.0, a dance duo that combines ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop and many other styles, in essence forming a “New Style” of dance. Their prodigious talents have earned them notable recognition in St. Louis, Missouri as they perform and teach classes frequently around St. Louis and have begun to expand nationwide as they’ve performed at World Of Dance NYC and at the Empire State Building.

But Team 2.0 is not merely about the dance moves. They use dance as a vehicle to help at-risk kids by keeping them off the street, using dance as an outlet instead of fighting or acting out. Team 2.0 has positively impacted a number of youth, and some adults, through their workshops. What’s more is that within 2.0’s journey of healing through dance, Rian and Tabethia have created their own journey—of love. The happy couple is engaged with plans to marry in the near future.

Please check out the featured article written on them in Winners Within Us Magazine by yours truly (me) by clicking here.  The article was also featured as 'Reader's Choice'

To get a visual glimpse of Team 2.0 in other media, check out their KSDK, News Channel 5 Story by clicking here followed by a video showcasing their dance moves and photos (below) of the duo holding dance workshops for the (adorable) youth.



~Lesley Yvonne~