South Africa Safari Part I

It’s been a while since I’ve last blogged.

A lot’s been going on, both in entertainment and writing as well as in my love life.

As of April 3, 2016, I was married to the man of my dreams at a winery (we both love wine) in Temecula, CA <3 J.

The next day following our ceremony, we hopped on a plane heading to Zurich, Switzerland (6 hour stopover) with our final destination being South Africa (total flying time 23 hours!).  We spent one night in Johannesburg and then headed over on an hour flight to Kruger National Park.

The next day our tour guides took us out on a Safari! (2 safaris scheduled per day) and what a view we saw!  Heading to our nature walk, we heard a very loud animal in the distance.  

First spotted animal of the day… wildebeests!  Wildebeests are a type of antelope and belong to the family Bovidea, which includes antelopes, cattle, goats and sheep. 

Next up...the rockstar of the jungle...the elephant!  He made sure to come right up near to us and strike a pose. What a diva.  Too entertaining!

Some of the common sights in Kruger National Park are the termite mounds.   There’s only one queen for thousands of termites and she only mates once! (talk about gettin’ bus-ay :P). When she loses workers during an attack, she intuitively knows and creates more soldiers.  Workers build the mound and keep her happy.  It’s all about the Queen, baby!

We also passed a mud bath! (didn’t feel like jumping in it this time around)

... and lots of adorable Impalas.  Impalas are medium-sized African antelope that belong to the family Bovidae.

Last stop of the day before heading back, day time tea with one of our guides, my husband and Bill, a nice retired orthopedic surgeon we met on Safari. 

What a beautiful experience so far. More to come tomorrow.

Until then, peace and love y’all!

~Lesley Yvonne~