A Day at the Wineries, South Africa

During our 2nd day in Capetown, South Africa (after enjoying an eventful Safari in Kruger National Park), our tour guide, Pierre, took us on about an hour drive to KWV Winery, one of the leading wine and spirits producers in South Africa.

We were brought to a long room with many barrels where we were told that two German men carved out these barrels from 1969-1970.  One of the barrels (below) illustrates that wine should be enjoyed in the company of guests and with music.

Next, we were led into another barrel room, comprised of K574 barrels--redwood barrels imported from Portugal.  These barrels are only used for fortified wines.  Moi, in front of the barrels!

After touring a few more rooms in the winery and learning some more history, we were guided to the tasting room to sample some of the lovely wines!  We started with the Shiraz and proceeded down the list. 

Here is a video of the KWV winery guide/sommelier explaning a little bit more about the Shiraz and it's best pairings.

One of the wines on the list was the Pinotage, which we learned is the only South African grape.  It is a combination of pinot noir and hermitage wine.

My personal favorite wine was the 2013 Stellenbosch Sauvignon Blanc.  Stellenbosch was actually the 2nd town we were headed to that day and from where this wine originates.  It is a very nice, crisp white wine with grapefruit undertones lingering on the palate.  This Sauvignon Blanc pairs nicely with fish, particularly salmon.  


The tasting completed our visit at KWV. Next stop, Stellenbosch!

More coming soon.

Adieu, from me and Pierre, our tour guide :)


~Lesley Yvonne~