It's My Birthday!

Hello friends!

It's my birthday today! I want to thank all my friends and family who sent me birthday texts, Facebook posts, and some who actually called by telephone (Imagine that in 2014, some people still make voice-to-voice phone calls :P). My only birthday request is for you all to continue listening to my current music playlist and to keep up with upcoming projects, as I LOVE to entertain you with great music and performances! Click here to listen to my current playlist.

In the near future, you will witness new songs on my playlist, as I will be collaborating and jamming out with dear friend and American Idol Season 11 contestant, Kalyn McNeil. She is sassy, sexy, and super talented! Not to mention, we make a pretty kick-butt duo, if I may say so myself ;). Below are some photos of my soulful partner-in-crime (in performance on American Idol) and click here to take a sneak-listen of her tantalizing vocals-->Kalyn


In other news, please send prayers out to the family (including son, Clayton McDonnell) of Richard McDonnell, founder of MaxJazz who passed recently.  He was a true angel, and had an impact on many musiciand and individuals.  He personally encouraged my musical abilities and I have fond memories of playing for him and recieving his encouragement. I am, as many others are,truly heartbroken due to this loss and I will never forget his support and friendship.  He is truly an inspiration and always will be ~~~ <3.

Richard McDonnell (1946-2014)


~Lesley Yvonne

Gibson's Saturday Night

This weekend consisted of another eventful night downtown at Gibson's Steak House with friends, laughter, great music, and a few cocktails--only a few of course ;).  Mid sip on a pinot, I hear Lloyd (friend and Gibson's head pianist) say 'Lesley! Come on up here and play something!' Although I hadn't planned to play at all and at that point was in relax mode, I  stood up without hesitation and sat down and played. My selections included Chopin's Nocturne in c sharp minor (played frequently in the movie 'The Pianist' starring Adrien Brody), Mozart's Sonata in F K. 332 (3rd Movement), and Gershwin's Prelude no. 2--which added a Jazzy touch, more to the setting of Gibson's (listen to these pieces on my playlist by clicking here ).


By the end of the showcase, a gentleman who had formerly asked 'are we in for a treat?' as I first sat down for the piano was cheers-ing me with his glass afterwards, and it brought warmth to my heart hearing Lloyd say 'You always add such a great touch here when you play', as he is not only one of the most highly demanded pianists in the Chicago area, but also someone who I admire and look up to greatly. 

Here is a picture of Lloyd and I below.

  lloydnlesleyThe very first picture above is me playing at Gibson's this past saturday.  For those of you who are not familiar with Lloyd Wilson or his wonderful music and expertise, please check out his website by clicking here--> lloydcwilsonmusicbanner

Have a blessed day everyone!

~Lesley Yvonne~




Halloween Jam at Gibson's

To celebrate halloween, I sauntered down to Gibson's Steak House and got to sit in on a few songs playing piano, thanks to Gibson's head pianist and friend, Lloyd Wilson.  Here are a few pictures in costume from last night after playing. 

Happy Halloween everyone!

~Lesley Yvonne


Site Launch Celebration!

Last night headed out to celebrate the site launch at River North's hot spot, American Junkie with dear friends, Ola Hawatmeh (left) & Carolaine (center)!


In addition to being my kick-butt fellow-Aquarius partner-in-crime, Ola is also a (New York native) designer, stylist, philanthropist, and founder of Ola Style & Mom·Me·Makeover ! She is always on the go and partaking in fabulous and inspirational ventures. Most importantly, she is a great person with a beautiful heart. Below is some of her press and media, including her PLITZS NYC Fashion Week Interview (make sure to check it out!). Also, gotta love the big cheesy smile pic from years ago where Ola had me make an appearance and promote the cause with her at the Youth Lifeline Fundraiser at Union Station in St. Louis, Missouri. For more information on what this fabulous woman has going on and her events and shows click on the OLA STYLE icon! olastyleicon

~Lesley Yvonne





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